Episode 79 – Back to the Future

Toni and Charlie still are in the 19th century. It was about time, they travelled back.

There were different scenarios, I considered. One of the girls could click her heels and speak „there’s no place like home“ like in the Wizzard of Oz. Another possibility was to send them into a wardrobe. This is how Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie travelled in The Chronicles of Narnia.

„Been there, done that“, I thought. So I spent some serious time on figuring out a completely different way of time travelling. You’ll find my solution in the episode.

Once read, you’ll possibly think: “well, pretty straight forward”. Oh yeah? Let me tell you: this episode took me eleven hours to script. That was a record in my books.

Now that it’s done, the episode, for me, is one of the finest I have texted and drawn so far.
So, get yourself a coffee or a cuppatea and enjoy.

79 – Back to the Future