Episode 47 – Enchanted Forest

For episode 47, I have sent Toni & Charlie into an enchanted forest. As it is wont for such an environment, strange things will happen. Maybe not always logical, but hopefully entertaining.

47 – Enchanted Forest

Apart from some fairy tale characters, they come across other imaginative characters. Oh, and lots of soap bubble – the reason for which eludes me at the moment. The same holds true for certain distortions of limbs and bones or the transformation into a Picasso-inspired character. Should you now think „Hang on, that reminds me a bit of Calvin & Hobbes?“, I can only say: I made the same mental connotation 😉

Generally, this episode falls not short of insinuations which is probably why I enjoyed working on this episode a great deal. The amount of details and colour had its downside: never before have I spent that many hours on a single one-pager…

Episode 47 is the first story which will have a sequel next month. So, stay tuned!

Enjoy it and thank you for sharing and/or liking it 🙂