Episode 53 – Pre-Christmas Exam Stress

As I recall it, the advent calendar of my youth (filled with little bits of chocolate) was the time of early sunsets, first snowflakes, buttery cookies, walnuts and tangerines. That particular time of the year, when days seemed to strech over week, you surely remember.

Here in Germany, it’s also the time of the year when they batter you to death with exams and tests at school. More than once, I asked myself what all the stuff I had to learn was good for. In retrospect, I’m still not sure.

So there you have the basic ideas that I used for writing and drawing this episode, actually back in 2019. I still like the humour in this episode a lot. I have tried either to translate the gags into good English or to find appropriate replacements. Having done so, I particularly like the Thesaurus gag.

Well, enjoy it. Maybe with some buttery cookie of a bit of chocolate out of your advent calender.

53 – Exam Stress