Episode 60 – Positive thinking

You can rant and rave about the Covid pandemic, the year 2020 has surprised us with. I could rant about home schooling and how it just didn’t work during the first lockdown in March and April here in Germany. Personally, my commissions and consequently my revenues have suffered severely. Almonst everybody has suffered from the situation.

On the other hand: we are not at war. At least not a war in the tranditional meaning of the word. In Germany, we have been fairly lucky when it comes to numbers of infection or deaths. Other countries have been hit a lot harder. Especially those countries where leaders decide based on gut feelings, rather than based on facts.

60 – Positive thinking

At the end of the day, we tend to overlook the positive sides the epidemic has brought, too. When you work from home, you can spend time (you otherwise would have wasted in a traffic jam) on preparing a freshly cooked meal and enjoy it with your family. You can go out for a run in the morning, you can play old fashioned games and have a lot of fun.

So while wave 2 is hitting a lot of countries, I have managed to complete the English version of episode 60.

Remember: Think positive 😉💚.