Episode 64 – Operation D.O.G. (3)

Despite their mean mafia-style methods, the Gangsta Sistas have not made much of a progress. The last thing they did was wiping dad’s desk lamp off dad’s desk. And this is where the story continues.

This time, 🌈 colour 🌈 comes back into play – as well as a lot of text.

A couple of years ago, I attended a speech of FLIX, one of Germany’s outstanding and very successful comic artists. In his speech, he gave a recommendation that the number of words in a text balloon should be restricted to a maximum of 17 – and not a single word more. That rule was somehow tatooed in the back of my mind and I have tried to follow it through ever since.

In panel 2 of this episode, I had a lot to tell in order to bring on the story. In case you suffer from an allergy against too many words in a single panel, I suggest to skip panel 2 or, better, the entire episode. Geez.

She or he may miss a couple of nice puns further on in the text. Some of the puns, I was able to translate straight from German into English. For others, I tried to find a matching equivalent.

Apart from that, you’d also miss to learn that Dad is not such a sourdough after all. Episode 64 shows that he has actually started looking into the pet matter already. Well, who would have thought that? Not Toni & Charlie, for sure.

Since there is so much text in the episode itself, I think I’d better stop here.

Enjoy reading.

PS: In the text, you’ll find the word „umfair“. The misspelling of „unfair“ is intentional. In German, we use the same word. However, up until the age of seven-ish, most of the German kids pronounce with the „m“ in the middle. I wonder whether that mispronunciation also existed with British or American kids? Let me know please 😉.

64 - Operation D.O.G. (3)
64 – Operation D.O.G. (3)