Episode 66 – The Borador

This episode took a little longer than usual to complete. Normally, I’d create 10 adventures per year. But what, in the Age of COVID and lock-downs, is normal anyway? Our local newspaper was affected, too, and so they needed my new episode later than normal.

Episode 66 „The Borador“ explains what a borador is. Since this breed seem to be quite common in anglo-american countries, you probably know it already. A borador is, surprise-surprise, a dog.

Toni and Charlie’s dream will finally (finally!) come true and they will have the dog, they have been longing for ever since the serial story (codenamed D.O.G.) started in episode 59. Being the creator of the series, I am very happy indeed that the serial episodes about the dog come eventually (eventually!) to an end.

How autobiographical is in the D.O.G. series?

As of December lat year, our family was joined by a small puppy. It’s one of those Corona dogs. However, it’s not a Borador, but some other breed.

Similar to the series, we had to wait for the dog a long, long time: the decision in favour of a dog took about a month. My daughter started talking me into it in April 2020. In May 2020, we decided which breed it should be, after we paid visits to a couple of dog breeders. We met people who had puppys from the breeder of our choice and asked them a lot of questions what the dog was like in real life.

We then had to wait for another half year, before dog dady and dug mummy had successfully made new puppies and the puppies were then old enough to leave their home.

You don’t have to wait that long. The new episode will be available to you as of now. Aren’t you lucky? 🤗

66 - The Borador
66 – The Borador