Episode 70 – The Brussels Sprouts Affair

Toni passes by the kitchen door and sees how dad puts something green into a sieve. She dashes to see Charlie and share this information with her.

This is how episode 70 begins. Preparing meals for kids is always… an issue.

Originally planned for January, I completed The Brussels Sprouts Affair only now. Omikron decided to pay a visit to everyone in our family (not the dog, though) and we all were under quarantine.

Apart from that, episode 70 also turned out to be a bit of a challenge. The story is not frightfully complex, to tell the truth. It was the camera angle through which I composed the story. The panels especially all those in row 2 and 3 show Toni & Charlie in full shot all the time. I had to find ways to make the individual panels interesting enough for the reader.

Oh yes, and there was Timmy, the dog. He doesn’t play a major role, but I wanted him in the story as a funny detail. So the result was sort of a motion study of puppies.

What do you think about this latest episode? I look forward to reading your comments.

70 - The Brussels Sprouts Affair
70 – The Brussels Sprouts Affair