Episode 72 – Father’s Day

In Germany, Father’s Day is on the same day as Ascension Day. So in most cases, this takes place in May. In many other countries, including the United Kingdom, France and Ireland, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

So this episode may, for your taste, come a little to soon.

It is up to you, whether you decide to wait until then before you dive into this episode or whether you decide to cherish it right away. Either way is fine with me. I just wanted to explain the reason why publishing this type of episode in May in Germany is suitable in the first place.

What happens in Germany on Father’s Day?

It is custom in Germany, that fathers go for a walk with their pals. However, they are doing so by using a toy wagon. And guess, what they carry with them in the toy wagon? At least one crate of beer, maybe two or maybe three. Sometimes, they use a 5 litre or 15 litre barrel to carry their beer around. Whatever packaging is used, there’s beer in it. Either that or some other kind of alcoholic beverage.

So these excursions with the beer and the toy wagon tend to end up with a bunch of sloshed males. Singing, swaering and shouting included, of course.

Why is there no beer in my episode?

Well, Toni & Charlie is intended to bring fun to young readers and their parents. So showing a bunch of drunken dads is not my idea of a joke, to tell the truth.

As a matter of fact, the episode 72 brings an end to the serial episode which began with episode 70 – The Brussels Sprouts Affair.

The Gangsta Sistas gave their dad a hard time over the suspicion that he was cooking Brussels Sprouts for them. I was looking for a conciliatory end. If you are a regular reader of my strips, you know that Dad never wins over his three women: Toni & Charlie and his wife, that is.

So this time… oh, I almost killed the susprense. Go and read the new episode yourself. Wither now or whatever is a suitable time for a Father’s Day 😄.

72 – Father’s Day