Episode 77 – Communication Problem

It looks as though Toni & Charlie have not realized that they ended up in a different age. Maybe their doubts are merely a manifestation of hope. In that way that it is not what it looks like.

A bit of a surprise is Charlie’s behaviour in this episode. She acts more mature than Toni actually. This is because of all the outrageous dresses in the wardrobe which require her immediate and exclusive attention.

And because of that, a classic communication problem is close at hand. Toni just doesn’t listen properly. She is responding to all of Charlie’s questions alright, but the answers sound sort of absent-minded.

Unvoluntary, Toni is mocking at climate protection as well as at carbon footprint.

When adults talk past each other, escalation is impending. So don’t be surprised if that happened to kids likewise. And for that reason, you need the mother to mediate. But will mediation work out if people around are talking funny?

77 - Communication Problems
77 – Communication Problem