Episode 59 – The new normal

After three months of lockdown, Toni & Charlie are glad that their daily routines are back to normal.

Finally, they can go and see grandmom and grandad again, they can meet with their friends. In Bavaria, where I live, the campsites were allowed to re-open the campsites in late May. Of course, under strict regulation of hygiene rule, but open.

You have probably asked yourself whether these truely were the daily routines as we knew them before?

59 – The New Normal

Of course, they weren’t. We are going trough a different normality, a normality in transition. We suspect that things will never be the same as before Corona. We all are on a journey, and no-one knows where we’re heading.

While we are on that journey, new buzzwords come into existence. The new normal is such a word. In episode 59, you can read what, according to Toni & Charlie, should be part of the new normal.

Enjoy 😘.