Episode 67 – Blue Lagoon

Every time you return from a holiday, you could immediately take the next break. Do you know that feeling?

In our family, it helps to -at least- plan the next vacation. On the other hand: being an illustrator or comic artist, you simply draw a comic which has vacation as a topic 🤗.

Anyhow, that is the main reason why I sent Toni & Charlie to the Caribbean for their episode 67.

Microplastic in the Caribbean?

I decided to ignore such ugly things like microplastics or pollution in the oceans. Instead, I approached the underwater world with childish curiosity and enthusiasm. I plunged into the richness of the colourful flora and fauna of the Caribbean. I worked on my ability to play with light in my comics. The episode „The Blue Lagoon“ is something I am quite proud of.

Whether you agree or disagree, take the trouble to leave a comment. I’d appreciate if you do.

Enjoy episode 67 🙂

67 - Blue Lagoon
67 – Blue Lagoon