Episode 68 – To walk a dog

Comics in realtime

In case you follow my blog, you may have realized that the season in the comics often corresponds the actual season outside.

You’re right. As an artist and illustrator, I get my inspiration from the world around me. The seaons are definetely part of that. In the first and the penultimate panel you see an autumnal scene. When I search for references, I often go outside. What do I get outside in October in Germany? Trees with beautiful foliage in amber, red and brown colours.

So this is what I choose for reference. It helps me to improve my skills to design a satisfactory autumnal outdoor scene 😉.

Where is mummy?

Mummy does not appear in episode 68. Mind you, she did work from home earlier this week. Then, she had to travel to attend a meeting somewhere up in the North. The company she works for has recently acquired another company, and she’s responsible for managing mergers & acquisitions…

The truth about puppies

When you are thinking about getting a dog for the family, you will most likely seek external advice. You’ll probably end up in your local library, buying all the shiny books like „Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy“ or „The Perfect Puppy“.

Whichever book it is, we haven’t read a single one which tells you that talking the dog for a walk is a challenge when trying to do so with a puppy.

So even if you have chosen a super short round (because you don’t want to overstrain that small puppy’s bones), it may happen that you won’t even start that short round. Why is that?

Puppies loath going for walks.

They prefer their cosy and warm lair. And since this is not mentioned in any book, I decided to do this episode about it.

Creative espresso maschines

The red espresso machine in this episode was great fun to draw. I have used the red espresso machine that has a face in two or three older episodes. I love espresso myself. Somehow I had the idea that all the pressure it take to get the water through the espresso powder should reflect in the little machine’s face.

Should you know a manufacturer who would be willing to develop a machine of that kind, please give them my contact details 😉.

Cookin‘ (In the Kitchen of Love)

Search the internet or your music streaming service for it. Ringo Starr will tell you about it.

68 - To Walk A Dog
68 – To Walk A Dog