Episode 73 – Rocket Science

Playing with words in German and English

My mother language is German. I like playing with words in German. In all my episodes, you’ll find at least one joke that is based on playing with words. Sometimes, that is a bit of a difficulty when I translate the original Toni & Charlie version into English. I am, however, very fond of puns and proverbs English. Sometimes, the proverbs are very similar if not identical. When you say that „it’s raining cats and dogs“, the German equivalent „it’s raining young dogs“ is very close to that.

The remark „It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?“ is used to emphasize that something is easy to do or understand. I found that proverb very suitable for my new episode. The German version (which I usually create first) is titled „Raketentechnik“. That is a 1:1 translation. However, the underlying connotation is lost in translation.

Why I like sending Toni & Charlie out of the house

The preceding episodes were set in the environment of their home. I prefer to draw outdoor scenes rather than drawing the insides of rooms.

So, in the tradition of the adventures of Calvin & Hobbes, I sent Toni & Charlie on a journey in a flying cardboard box. I did that once already in episode 58 (Dinovirus, not translated yet) and it was about time, I did it again. Since episode 65 (Waiting room of the Universe) was so much fun to draw, it took both ingredients (cardboard box and space) to create another episode.

Is Toni & Charlie a political series?

In early May, the news brought a report about Earth Overshoot Day in Germany. Now, I don’t see Toni & Charlie as political cartoon. But those of you who are a bit familiar with my series know that care for the environment of environmental pollution are recurring topics in my stories.

It’s not a political statement. And it’s certainly not rocket science that parents sometimes wonder how the world they leave for their children will look like. What are the mistakes, we make now whereas we should know better? What are the mistakes we make, but which have to be sorted out by our kids later?

And so, I developed the story along that line. The adults are not playing on the good side. It’s their own fault. Even Charlie can tell.

But please, this should not keep you from reading the story. Enjoy the little gags I have hidden in my drawings.

73 - Rocket Science
73 – Rocket Science