Episode 76 – Little theory of relativity

Toni and Charlie have been asked to „retire to their chambers“.

They find their room. However, the room looks somehow strange and unfamiliar. The furniture looks out of date. The pictures that are hanging on the wall are dark and have a somewhat eerie look about them. On top of a chest of drawers, there is a woman’s bust smiling.

The reader will have noticed at the point what has happened to Toni & Charlie. The kids have yet not seen through it, though.

A blackboard helps Charlie to develop a theory of the phenomenon. While doodling, she accidentally reproduces a formula, which describes the relationship between mass and energy. Apparently, Charlie is cleverer than I had originally conceived her.

Toni, on the other hand, will not take the blame that she should be made responsible for the course of events.

Maybe you should see and read for yourselves.

Enjoy and have a good weekend.

76 - Little Theory of Relativity
76 – Little Theory of Relativity