Episode 71 – Kitchen Stories

So eventually, the Gangsta Sistas have returned.

Episode 70 saw them finding out that Brussels Sprouts was supposedly part of their meal.

Without further ado, I hand over to Antonia and Carlotta, the notorious Gangsta Sistas. By the use of little subtle methods, they are trying to push dad’s red buttons. Why negotiate, when you can directly go into escalation mode? As far as escalation is concerned, adults make appalling role models, mind you.

On the positive side, you may encounter a new spice: piment d’Espelette, also known as Espelette pepper. According to Wikipedia, this a cornerstone of Basque cuisine, where it has gradually replaced black pepper. If you get a chance to purchase it in your local supermarket, do so. Don’t add it to a dish, while its still cooking. Instead, sprinkle it lightly over your dish just shortly before serving.

Carlotta’s exclamation „Bong jojo!“ is just something I made up. It’s only purpose is to sound similar to „buon giorno“ (good morning, good day). I have used it before in epsiode 63 (Operation D.O.G.).At one point, I was tempted to to translate it into „Get back Jojo“, but resistd as I felt the rhythm of the words was unfitting.

71 - Kitchen Stories
71 – Kitchen Stories